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Easily insert any video media at any position in your content – anywhere you wish. Choose from youtube, vimeo or self-hosted videos. Set the size of video container and choose the style you wish. Fully responsive.

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testimonial-team (Demo)
Marketing Manager

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testimonial-team (Demo)
Marketing Manager

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Hortology Logo - Review Photo
Shopify Merchant

Brilliant app, cannot fault it. This app has helped significantly in getting a foothold in a competitive market.

Elliot Rhodes Logo - Review Photo
Elliot Rhodes
Shopify Merchant

We recently installed this app to launch our Google Shopping campaign. The app is very simple but does the job and the service has been great! They responded very quickly each time, gave useful advice on optimising the feed and made customisation changes we requested.

John Masters Organics Logo - Review Photo
John Masters Organics
Shopify Merchant

This is not only an amazing app that makes your life easier, but also the one that offers an enterprise-class and 24/7 customer service and assistance to make every impossible possible. I couldn’t be any happier to give them 5 out of 5 stars for both the app and the team working behind the scene! Thank you!

Cheeky Lingerie Logo - Review Photo
Cheeky Lingerie
Shopify Merchant

Great app, save me bunch of time posting individually all products. unlike the build-in shopify Google Shopping that include only the first variant, this app collect all variants even the sold-out in the products with all the available images. great job.

Hollywood Mirrors Logo - Review Photo
Hollywood Mirrors
Shopify Merchant

This app provides the best ROI of any advertising platform for our store. It is so easy to use and setup, without doubt, the best thing you will do this year in your business.

Ramp Champ Logo - Review Photo
Ramp Champ
Shopify Merchant

Just like the Google shopping feed app – easy to use and fast to add/change custom labels. Highly recommended.

Armadillo Pepper Logo - Review Photo
Armadillo Pepper
Shopify Merchant

Super easy to use. We had our Bing ads up-and-running in a matter of minutes with this app. Also, we value the built-in dashboard for a quick summary of performance.

Enovvia Logo - Review Photo
Shopify Merchant

Excellent app and wonderful customer service, thanks for everything!

Waiting For Sunrise Logo - Review Photo_(copy)
Waiting For Sunrise
Shopify Merchant

Awesome customer service! It makes my life easier to re-target and create ads.

Stars and Striped Lightning Logo - Review Photo_(copy)
Stars And Stripes Lighting
Shopify Merchant

Kit helps make running your store a breeze, especially from a marketing standpoint. We add products everyday to our site and always get a response from Kit asking if we want to add products to Facebook and Instagram. Truly a great app!

Tippy Toes Pet Boutique Logo - Review Photo
Tippy Toes Pet Boutique
Shopify Merchant

Great app with great support thanks. It’s really intuitive and an excellent method to generate additional marketing

Pomona Peach Logo - Review Photo_(copy)
Pomona & Peach
Shopify Merchant

Excellent service. The rep was sooo elaborate and resourceful by providing visuals that would meet my needs.

Nitecore Lights Logo - Review Photo
Nitecore Lights
Shopify Merchant

Been using them for 4 months, excellent proactive support, beats trying to create my own retargeting ads. Most important of all, it works. Spent around $1500 so far, and it bought in $8000 worth of sales. Numbers don’t lie, highly recommended.

Ginch Gonch Logo - Review Photo
Ginch Gonch
Shopify Merchant

Very easy to use and quickly connects to facebook and does all the work. You don’t even need to go in to facebook to edit anything. All the work is done within the app. The connection to mailchimp to retarget your email list is an awesome bonus. Highly recommended especially if you’re limited on resources. A+++++

iloveplum Logo - Review Photo

We don’t know what we would do without Shoelace! They have been an integral partner in our remarketing efforts both on FB and IG. Their support staff is always responsive and friendly – always going beyond the extra mile to make sure our questions are answered. Thank you Shoelace!

Organic Press Juices Logo - Review Photo
Organic Press Juices
Shopify Merchant

I started using Shoelace a few weeks ago to tap into an audience that I didn’t know existed. A re-targeting app that runs automatically and what I really like about it is that you can see the statistics and how much you’re actually spending and getting in return. A must have app if you want to re-target audiences.

Hard Cases Logo - Review Photo
Hard Cases
Shopify Merchant

If you are using MailChimp, you absolutely need this app to get your lists to sync with Shopify. Give yourself a lot more user data directly in Mailchimp. It’s easy to install and it’s free. No brainer!

Pure Souls Tea Shop Logo - Review Photo cropped
Pure Souls Tea Shop
Shopify Merchant

MailChimp is super easy to use and you don’t need to know any type of coding to design beautiful emails. I really appreciate that I’ve been able to design emails that match the look and feel of my website. I think it really boosts our look of professionalism. I hope that my customers enjoy them as well!

CloudVapingUK Logo - Review Photo
Shopify Merchant

Amazing app, very easy to use templates, lets me do mail shots and newsletters that look professional and corporate. Amazing. Also the support is spot on even for an idiot like me, makes life very very easy. An email promotion that might take me several hours to put together, I can do in mail chimp in just a few minutes!!

Noiram Kids Boutique Logo - Review Photo
Noiram Kids Boutique
Shopify Merchant

I’m loving it! So many email campaign options to choose from to re-target customers, and gain new customers. Create your own templates or choose one of theirs. You’ll be able see the stats on any of your active campaigns and new features are added all the time.

Metal Gods Logo - Review Photo
Metal Gods
Shopify Merchant

Great way to drive traffic to your store…

Yellow Dog Discs Logo - Review Photo
Yellow Dog Discs
Shopify Merchant

I have thousands of items available in my Shopify store and within a few hours I had them all available on my Facebook store with very little problems. Why not take advantage of another selling platform for free?

Hot Water Bottle Ideas Logo - Review Photo
Hot Water Bottle Ideas
Shopify Merchant

Wow Wow Wow!! This is the simplest app I have ever used. Minimal set up and all products live in minutes. (We only have a small collection)
Perfect, would highly recommend.

Urbanily Lifestyle Goods Logo - Review Photo
Urbanily Lifestyle Goods
Shopify Merchant

Works great. Installed my shop with no errors. Great App and sales channel.

Paper Ink Graphics Logo - Review Photo
Paper Ink Graphics
Shopify Merchant

We’ve been using the Pinterest App for quite some time and continue to be pleased with the performance and outcome. We receive numerous visits from interested buyers on Pinterest. The App works well, especially the synching with Shopify, and whenever we have questions or require further clarification, the support staff at Pinterest provide quick responses and thoughtful answers/suggestions.

BelDisegno Logo - Review Photo
Shopify Merchant

Great app. easy to set up and I’m now able to advertise my pins on Pinterest which is great.

Hiding Place Boutique Logo - Review Photo
Hiding Place Boutique
Shopify Merchant

OHMGSH! There are alot of apps that I download and then delete because they are not compatible with what I am looking for, but this app is everything I need! I have received several sales from Pinterest alone! Thanks for offering this and I hope you all make more like it! BTW never a problem or crash with the app!

Little Cutees Logo - Review Photo
Little Cutees
Shopify Merchant

Definitely a major source of traffic, and we’ve seen super high engagement from our pinterest fans. It’s incredibly easy to connect with shopify! Thanks to Shopify and Pinterest for teaming up on this one.

The Neon Sign Company Logo - Review Photo
The Neon Sign Company
Shopify Merchant

Good app, love it, drives a lot of traffic to site

Here And There Makers Logo - Review Photo
Here And There Makers
Shopify Merchant

This app does work great. The trick is to have the three-way relationship between Shopify, Facebook and Instagram. Make sure you have your business Instagram profile attached to your business Facebook page. Tagging products is very easy with a mobile device. Nice one!

Contagious Designs Logo - Review Photo
Contagious Designs
Shopify Merchant

Just installed this. Seems pretty simple. Just need to have a FB shop an Instagram Business profile. It even let me edit older Instagram posts and add the product linking.

Graceful Labels Logo - Review Photo
Graceful Labels
Shopify Merchant

Excellent – Syncs perfectly with your facebook shop inventory.

Beloved Gift Shop Logo - Review Photo
Beloved Gift Shop
Shopify Merchant

The Amazon Sales Channel is working great so far for us. We already had our items listed on our amazon so linking to those products was a cake!. So far we have done $2,000 and since last week in sales. We are waiting to be able to list an entire collection instead of per-item listings. but so far so good.
Thanks Shopify!

Black J Paddle Surf Co Logo - Review Photo
Black J Paddle Surf Co
Shopify Merchant

This app has been a lifesaver for us. We are now able to accurately stay on top of inventory for items sold in our retail store, on our website, and on Amazon. Very happy with the Amazon App!

Sexy Hackers Logo - Review Photo
Sexy Hackers
Shopify Merchant

The best thing Shopify has done for me since I have had them because now our products actually sell.

Coffee Mugs Galore Logo - Review Photo
Coffee Mugs Galore
Shopify Merchant

Perfect. Just what we were looking for. It has helped us link and list all of our products on Amazon. UPC codes work great. We’ve done about 2K in sales from this app/sales channel

Seventh Place Logo - Review Photo
Seventh Place
Shopify Merchant

Great App but It’s not Free. Sears wants a commission + $39.99/mo

Lily Boho Chic Logo - Review Photo
Lily Boho Chic
Shopify Merchant

Wanelo is easy to install and use, really cool sales channel, I’m getting new sales for my store, also the customer service is awesome.

Silver Moon Bay Logo - Review Photo
Silver Moon Bay
Shopify Merchant

This App is amazing. Super easy to install. As soon as it was installed, I started getting sales that same day and they have continued consistently. If you ever need tech support, they are the most patient, helpful and 5-star team. Thank you, Wanelo !!!!

Sense of Custom Logo - Review Photo
Sense of Custom
Shopify Merchant

Love it, I’ve been using this app for about 2 years now (will be in may) love love love it

ThriftyJean Logo - Review Photo
Shopify Merchant

This app is the truth…I receive most of my orders from Wanelo…Very satisfied customer…

Syncpedia LLC Logo - Review Photo
Syncpedia LLC
Shopify Merchant

Really solid app for making life easier for eBay sellers. Love being able to list a product on Shopify and being able to quickly send it over to eBay.

Miss Glamess Logo - Review Photo
Miss Glamess
Shopify Merchant

TRULY THE BEST APP EVER. We have tested and used almost ALL other multi channel push apps and we have had mostly bad experiences with these others. With this app STORESYNC, we can honestly tell you this is the app to get if you wish to easily and seamlessly without ANY EFFORT push your Shopify listings to eBay.

Shoppers Shop Logo - Review Photo
Shoppers Shop
Shopify Merchant

Excellent application, easy to work, very good customer service, in one word AWESOME. Obviously, the app is fantastic and makes it super easy to add products to eBay but what differentiates them from the competition is the fantastic after sales support. Would highly recommend this app to anyone looking to add products to eBay.

Rex Lights Logo - Review Photo
Rex Lights
Shopify Merchant

I like this StoreSync app especially its bulk sync tool for eBay. It’s very easy to setup & use. Save lots of time as we don’t need to create products on eBay manually. This app has the capability to handle all eBay requirement. Last but not least, I got a great support from this app team to set up the StoreSync app. All the best!! Thanks.

FadCloset Logo - Review Photo
Shopify Merchant

Supreme Customer Service! Very Satisfied with the service. He helped me get through each step. I was working directly with the developer, all issues were resolved. It was a lot of work to get live on Jet Integration, but thanks to tech support from James. We were up and live within 3 days. Highly Recommended A++++++

Costumeish Logo - Review Photo
Shopify Merchant

Brilliant App.These guys are amazing. Glad I gave them a try. Uploaded my products to jet.com. Go for it!

Ready Willing Logo - Review Photo
Ready & Willing
Shopify Merchant

Incredible app and even better customer service. I am so happy so far with this company and cannot wait to do business with Jet.com.

Natural Geo Logo - Review Photo
Natural Geo
Shopify Merchant

Jet-Integration allows us to upload our products with ease to the Jet marketplace, and there is plenty of documentation to assist in the use of the app, not to mention the prompt responses from their support team. Well done!

Reading In Rags Logo - Review Photo
Reading In Rags
Shopify Merchant

Houzz has been a very positive and profitable sales channel for us, we work directly through Houzz instead of as a sales channel on our Shopify store but the only reason we went that route was because we already had an active presence on Houzz before we opened our Shopify store.

Beloved Gift Shop Logo - Review Photo
Beloved Gift Shop
Shopify Merchant

Why can’t I leave 10 stars? Houzz is awesome our shop went from 10 orders a day to 40 orders a day. Orders come straight into your dashboard, no more looking for my orders. Once you pass that “Pending” status your good to go! They advertise your products everywhere, I use Pandora and saw my stuff advertised on Facebook, Pandora, Spotify and a lot more.

Weekdaygirl Nails Beauty Logo - Review Photo
Weekday Girl Nails Beauty
Shopify Merchant

I love Houzz even before the app my go to decoration website. Now that I can sale easy it is a plus. Don’t know how long pending is because it is still pending but I can see it on the site the buy button not active yet so I hope they hurry up ready to sale. But this is worthy of 5 stars. Thanks, Houzz and Shopify for getting married.

Reading In Rags Logo - Review Photo
Shopify Merchant

Good for SEO!

OTC Shoppe Express Logo - Review Photo
OTC Shoppe Express
Shopify Merchant

Great app with great customer service! The app allows us to quickly integrate and upload inventory to NewEgg. Thanks!

La La Familia Logo - Review Photo
La La Familia
Shopify Merchant

Awesome app! & the customer support is amazing!!!

Reading In Rags Logo - Review Photo
Shopify Merchant

Great thanks to you guys for making the selling easier! I was selling on tophatter for about 6 months but was really frustrated with the complex seller panel of tophatter. And one day I received an invitation to use their app and I thought just to try it out. I am happy that I decided to at least give it a try. If you want to sell your products smoothly on Tophatter, I will suggest you choose this app. This App helped me a lot in uploading and managing my products on Tophatter.

Bargain Bison Logo - Review Photo
Bargain Bison
Shopify Merchant

The best Tophatter Integration for Shopify on the market. Not only that their support team are phenomenal and are available 24/7 for constant support and any advice that will help you sell more on Tophatter. All the features of the app proved very beneficial for me too. I recommend everyone to go with CedCommerce app and their team. A+++

Shopify Merchant

These guys have gone above and beyond to get us set up. Great experience!

Industrial Stop
Shopify Merchant

Awesome app! They helped us on listing our products in Walmart. The process was smooth and they are willing to help you understand the whole process. Fantastic customer service. Highly recommended. We are very satisfied with the service. Thanks for the help! God bless you!

Swagasaurus Rex
Shopify Merchant

The staff is super helpful and available. It’s about as easy as you can get with walmart.com (which is still maddeningly infuriating). It’s the best integrator I could find with Shopify and Walmart hands down.

US Organic
Shopify Merchant

Fantastic customer service, highly recommend using their services. Helped with the entire process of uploading my products and they have deep knowledge about Walmart marketplace integration. I am totally satisfied.

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