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Create dynamic retargeting ads that remind customers about your products and dynamically promote relevant products, with personalized content.

Kit is an official Facebook Marketing Partner for small business. Exclusive to Shopify store owners, Kit helps you manage your Instagram and Facebook ads, email marketing, and social posts to drive sales and grow your business—all free. When you’ve got Kit on your team, you’ll have more time to focus on the work you love.

Waiting For Sunrise Logo - Review Photo_(copy)
Waiting For Sunrise
Shopify Merchant

Awesome customer service! It makes my life easier to re-target and create ads.

Stars and Striped Lightning Logo - Review Photo_(copy)
Stars And Stripes Lighting
Shopify Merchant

Kit helps make running your store a breeze, especially from a marketing standpoint. We add products everyday to our site and always get a response from Kit asking if we want to add products to Facebook and Instagram. Truly a great app!

Tippy Toes Pet Boutique Logo - Review Photo
Tippy Toes Pet Boutique
Shopify Merchant

Great app with great support thanks. It’s really intuitive and an excellent method to generate additional marketing

Pomona Peach Logo - Review Photo_(copy)
Pomona & Peach
Shopify Merchant

Excellent service. The rep was sooo elaborate and resourceful by providing visuals that would meet my needs.

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