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Get your products in front of 40 million monthly active and engaged customers on Houzz. Easily list your Shopify products on Houzz to get more orders and maximize your revenues. Save time by processing orders and customizing product specs without leaving Shopify.

The Houzz app will enable you to quickly and efficiently list your products for sale on the Houzz Marketplace, to gain more sales and build your business. Import your Shopify products on Houzz. Put your products in front of more than 40 million monthly unique users on Houzz and maximize your revenues. Users on Houzz are passionate about remodel and design and are often right in the midst of a home improvement project. Process orders right in your Shopify admin dashboard. Orders from Houzz users will automatically appear in your Shopify dashboard so you can easily process them like any other order. Sync product pricing and inventory automatically between Shopify and Houzz. When you make a change to your product’s pricing or availability on Shopify, that change will be automatically updated in your product listing on Houzz.

Start selling on Houzz now by Clicking Here: https://apps.shopify.com/houzz 

Learn More about selling on Houzz by Clicking Here: https://help.houzz.com/s/topic/0TO44000000UgdyGAC/selling-on-houzz?language=en_US

Reading In Rags Logo - Review Photo
Reading In Rags
Shopify Merchant

Houzz has been a very positive and profitable sales channel for us, we work directly through Houzz instead of as a sales channel on our Shopify store but the only reason we went that route was because we already had an active presence on Houzz before we opened our Shopify store.

Beloved Gift Shop Logo - Review Photo
Beloved Gift Shop
Shopify Merchant

Why can’t I leave 10 stars? Houzz is awesome our shop went from 10 orders a day to 40 orders a day. Orders come straight into your dashboard, no more looking for my orders. Once you pass that “Pending” status your good to go! They advertise your products everywhere, I use Pandora and saw my stuff advertised on Facebook, Pandora, Spotify and a lot more.

Weekdaygirl Nails Beauty Logo - Review Photo
Weekday Girl Nails Beauty
Shopify Merchant

I love Houzz even before the app my go to decoration website. Now that I can sale easy it is a plus. Don’t know how long pending is because it is still pending but I can see it on the site the buy button not active yet so I hope they hurry up ready to sale. But this is worthy of 5 stars. Thanks, Houzz and Shopify for getting married.

Reading In Rags Logo - Review Photo
Shopify Merchant

Good for SEO!

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